Saturday, May 21, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 262

Day 262 - Tuesday 3 May 2011

Came home from the hospital today :) Not going back to work until Friday. I am sooooooo out of it, not cool. BUT its so good to be home. Ben is so lovely and i love him so much <3

365 Days of Love - Day 261

Day 261 - Monday 2 May 2011

Still in hospital, and have to stay until tomorrow. Ben is being very lovely though and has bought me some magazines and lots of love!

365 Days of Love - Day 260

Day 260 - Sunday 1 May 2011

soooooo, my phone company had a day of "free text and phone calls" all days as they stuffed up on a day. BUT! i didn't get to use the crap out of it because i had a SEIZURE!
I was about to get into the shower, and thats all i remember. I remember bits here and there, but in the end i had 2 seizures - one at home, one at the hospital, and dislocated my jaw both times. First time i somehow put it back in, second time i had to be put under so they could put it back in - eeeek! 3 weeks later its still hurting! Bruises on my knees, and my back hurts big time still!

On another note, i am adding a few pics of the dogs because they are CUTE!

Me & Mars (foster dog)

All 3 dogs trying to find the ball Ben threw

May strutting her stuff

365 Days of Love - Day 259

Day 259 - Saturday 30 April 2011

Got to see Bens new band today!! They are sooooo great. I can't wait to see them live :) Ben is awesome as!

365 Days of Love - Day 258

Day 258 - Friday 29 April 2011

Got a jacket in the smallest size i've even gotten!! I have lost about 10kgs since december - wooohoooO!!

365 Days of Love - Day 257

Day 257 - Thursday 28 April 2011

Woke up with the Power Rangers song in my head - how strange! I also got to see some belly pics of my friend Betty - she is pregnant of course!! I'm not some weirdo ;)

365 Days of Love - Day 256

Day 256 - Wednesday 27 April 2011

Soooo....Ben and I had an appointment today and we both kind of forgotten about it! This month has gone by so freaking fast! Also found these funny things on tumblr!!! :-D

365 Days of Love - Day 255

Day 255 - Tuesday 26 April 2011

Had a bit of a "Eureka" marathon, and also a nap!! Got this uber cute pic of May!!

365 Days of Love - Day 254

Day 254 - Monday 25 April 2011

ANZAC day today - so day off! Found this very cute picture of a dog....
Also a random pic of be playing bass.

365 Days of Love - Day 253

Day 253 - Sunday 24 April 2011

Looking out the back door and finding the below picture...Also finding this on auto correct!!!

Mars on the left, Astro on the right <3

365 Days of Love - Day 252

Day 252 - Saturday 23 April 2011

Ok. So its about a month after this date BUT i had a seizure about 3 weeks ago and forgot all about my blog!!

Mars fits so well into our family! He is so cute <3 Jack came over tonight, and they had lots of fun playing OVERKILL :) Jack is always great company - i love him so!