Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 167

Day 167 - Friday 28 January 2011

Stayed up until 3am watching Dexter with Benny. Cannot wait for season 2 :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 166

Day 166 - Thursday 27 January 2011

Had nando's with Ben tonight - so yummo!!

365 Days of Love - Day 165

Day 165 - Wednesday 26 January 2011

Australia day!! Didn't do anything for it, but did go to Ben's grandparents for dinner. Had the day off too :) Went shopping and got lots done.

365 Days of Love - Day 164

Day 164 - Tuesday 25 January 2011

Got our wifi installed today. FINALLY! now i can use my ipod whenever :)

365 Days of Love - Day 163

Day 163 - Monday 24 January 2011

Went to the knee doc today and i am getting both knees operated on - hell yeah! hoping all goes well :)

365 Days of Love - Day 162

Day 162 - Sunday 23 January 2011

Went to Ben's dads house and it was really nice to see them again :)

365 Days of Love - Day 161

Day 161 - Saturday 22 January 2011

Went out with Betty and Teale to dinner at Brothers <3 

365 Days of Love - Day 160

Day 160 - Friday 21 January 2011

Drove to work for the first time. Still a bit weird. Had Chinese for dinner in celebration :-)

365 Day of Love - Day 159

Day 159 - Thursday 20 January 2011


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 158

Day 158 - Wednesday 19 January 2011

Still sick, but lots better then yesterday. Organised a few appointments today and am feeling content, but nervous!!! hoping all goes well tomorrow. Did get the centrelink payment, so thank you!!

365 Days of Love - Day 157

Day 157 - Tuesday 18 January 2011

Day off today, but because i am sick!!Not sure whats going on, hopefully nothing bad. But did nothing all day which was really nice.

365 Days of Love - Day 156

Day 156 - Monday 17 January 2011

It was good to get out of the house today and back at work. Rung centrelink in regards to the flood payment and i think i might get it, which is fantastic!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 155

Day 155 - Sunday 16 January 2011

must admit - i kept thinking yesterday was friday! so i feel like i only get a one day weekend. Ben helped clean up yesterday, he is so lovely! I made some brownies and a sultana loaf. Got a super cute video of Astro this morning. He yawns on command all the time, we say to him "good yawn boy" and he yawns, Its only a new thing too :p Astro also learnt to 'drop' his toy last night :)

365 Days of love - Day 154

Day 154 - Saturday 15 January 2011

Now i can relax! Didn't do much today except clean all the dogs and brushed their teeth :) Finally put my clothes away and watched the rest of The L Word plus buffy. A great relax day!!

I really enjoyed this scene.

365 Days of love - Day 153

Day 153 - Friday 14 January 2011

back at work today! It was good. The fill in managers left - probably too much stress for them without me being there. Not my fault!! Had to do 5.5 hours straight of paper work and deposit stuff. But i did some extra hours to make up for the days i missed. 

365 Days of love - Day 152

Day 152 - Thursday 13 January 2011

So the water has gone down around our area - but we still cannot cross. They said 5pm we could get there - bit late for work so another day off!! These days off would of been better if i could actually relax.
Feeling horrible for all the people with their houses :(

365 Days of love - Day 151

Day 151 - Wednesday 12 January 2011

Another day without work, which is kind of good. Spent the night in the lounge room in case people came to our door with the floods. Was told the power might be out for days - came back on at 7pm yay!!
Bens mum let us borrow a radio so we knew what was going on. A very scary day, not knowing whats going on around you. Phone recpetion went out, so we were totally cut off, except for radio which didn't tell us too much.
Ben got some pictures of around us - the reason why we couldn't get out.

May enjoying the love of the beds in the lounge room <3

365 Days of love - Day 150

Day 150 - Tuesday 11 January 2011.

What a scary day!! Woke up to news that there was going to be horrible floods all over brisbane and ipswich. Grantham got hit bad and is totally wiped out. Went to work anyway but noticed the bridge getting out of my suburb was nearly over with water. So i only stayed for an hour to clean up the records and deposits etc. So glad i did as it was a mess. We were told to evacuate, but by that time the bridge was already over. Been scared all day and have been glued to facebook, updating people who aren't near a tv and are only on their phone - i think i helped...Power went out at 8pm.

365 Days of love - Day 149

Day 149 - Monday 10 January 2011

Have some fill in managers at work this week - thought they were ok at first but by golly was i wrong!! It was great to get home and away from them!

Toowoomba had that horrible flood today - everyone here is a little scared.

365 Days of love - Day 148

Day 148 - Sunday 9 January 2011

Jack stayed until the afternoon and we played games alllll day. Was really fun!

365 Days of love - Day 147

Day 147 - Saturday 8 January 2011

Spent the Day with Betty and then Jack, my cousin came over and spent the night - lots of fun!!!

Bit dark - but Ben and Jack on the beds in the lounge room playing games.

365 Days of love - Day 146

Day 146 - Friday 7 January 2011

Had a date night with Ben and we went and got chinese at Go Sing. was sooooo good!

Ben and the mirror - was all around the place and a bit weird.

Friday, January 7, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 145

Day 145 - Thursday 6 January 2011

Finally went food shopping! was good spending some time with Ben :)

365 Days of Love - Day 144

Day 144 - Wednesday 5 January 2011

Happy for a very lovely friend of mine - i love her so much!

365 Days of Love - Day 143

Day 143 - Tuesday 4 January 2011

Back at work! Its not a bad thing though. Was glad to get home and sponge on the couch though :-)

365 Days of Love - Day 142

Day 142 - Monday 3 January 2011

Got the day off!!! No need to say more, that in itself is fun enough.

365 Days of Love - Day 141

Day 141 - Sunday 2 January 2011

Ben finally finished the DK level!!!
Relaxed and did nothing all day - was so good!

365 Days of Love - Day 140

Day 140 - Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Years!!!

Ben and Kyle playing DK. Deanna and I wanting to do other stuff.
3 hours on ONE level!!!
I got dinner out though so it was worth the wait :p