Thursday, September 30, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 47

Day 47 - Thursday 30 September 2010

Birthday next wednesday - 22 :)
Ben is also talking to one of his guitar students about tattoo's! SO EXCITED!!

365 Day of Love - Day 46

Day 46 - Wednesday 29 September 2010

I am participating in a 6 week weight loss research program!! Basically dealing with cognitive therapy - i'm excited!

365 Days of Love - Day 45

Day 45 - Tuesday 28 September 2010

Doctors again today! Getting more stuff sorted which is good :)
Some photos from our weekend -----
Ben all dressed up
 Me all dressed up
 Ben at Japanese restuarant
 Breakfast at Pancakes in Paradise
 Ben's meal
 My breakfast

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 44

Day 44 - Monday 27 September 2010

Our 1 year wedding anniversary :) we swapped gifts the night before because we were super excited :)
Had breakfast at Pancakes in Paradise and it was sooo yummy!! Puppies were excited to see us when we got home - Betty and Teale looked after them. They are so lovely!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 43

Day 43 - Sunday 26 September 2010

So many wonderful things today!! Visited Ben's dad and his wife and had a bbq - yummo!! Also went down to the coast for our overnight holiday! The hotel was fantastic - we got a king bed AND a spa!!
We had Japanese for dinner, went to the casino via a monorail..I won about 2 bucks altogether hehehe. Got lots of $1 coins in change than used them to use the game machine back at the hotel. Such little kids we are! We had more fun playing games than at the casino!! I also tried a green magic cocktail :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 42

Day 42 - Saturday 25 September 2010

Finding an app on facebook that sketches your pictures!!! Too cool :)

365 Days of Love - Day 41

Day 41 - Friday 24 September 2010

Got a lift with Ben's mum today to centrelink - yay for not having to get a bus and waiting 50mins before my app!!! Went and had a coffee and caramel slice afterwards too :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

365 Days of love - Day 40

Day 40 - Thursday 23 September 2010

Got 2 cute little beach bags today - one for me, and one for Ben. Different ones of course!! Ben also booked the hotel for our anniversary :)

365 Days of Love - Day 39

Day 39 - Wednesday 22 September 2010

Enjoying a nice candle lit bath - without the sound and annoyance of dogs hahaha!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 38

Day 38 - Tuesday 21 September 2010

Finding this picture edited - thanks to ben....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 37

Day 37 - Monday 20 September 2010

Went to the doctors today and am getting some other stuff sorted. I'm really happy its finally all falling into place :-)

May in my shirt enjoying some love LOL!

May being cute :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 36

Day 36 - Sunday 19 September 2010

Such a lovely day! Very overcast and cold! Spending the day with a doona and watching 'The L Word'

365 Days of Love - Day 35

Day 35 - Saturday 18 September 2010

Lots of puppy love <3

Friday, September 17, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 34

Day 34 - Friday 17 September 2010

10 Days until our 1 year wedding anniversary!! I have about half of his present organised, but i gotta wait until i get paid to get the rest. We have a $30 limit as we're putting extra towards our photos we're getting, and also going away wooohooo!! I'm super excited about everything coming up. Ben and I are having a date night tonight too :-)

Me and my new hair :-)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 33

Day 33 - Thursday 16 September 2010

Went to a Physiotherapist today and found out i might need to get my knee reconstructed. Sounds iffy, but at least i know what is finally going on!!! woohooo!
Woke up this morning with Astro cuddling me :) 

365 Days of Love - Day 32

Day 32 - Wednesday 15 September 2010

Siobhan and I met at the city today, it was great! We had drinks and banana bread, and also had a look at Tree of Life - i wish there was one where i live! hahah

365 Days of Love - Day 31

Day 31 - Tuesday 14 September 2010

I am LOVING "The L Word" Such a wonderful show!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 30

Day 30 - Monday 13 September 2010

MASSIVE fruit craving today, so i had a big plate of it plus a green tea. Felt heaps better afterwards. Also got my hair cut - no pics yet though :-) Also went to the dog park with our babies :-)

3 dogs at the park.

Ben and I at the park.

My fruit plate and green tea

Monday, September 13, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 29

Day 29 - Sunday 12 September 2010

Ben and I made a carrot cake!!! it was sooo good :) Also *finally* organised our hallway cupboard - woohoo!

My organised hallway cupboard.

365 Days of Love - Day 28

Day 28 - Saturday 11 September 2010

Ben and I had a BBQ dinner tonight - all organised by him :) We also went and saw The Other Guys which was hilarious!!

Ben and the bbq :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 27

Day 27 - Friday 10 September 2010

Saved another dog from the pound today! We aren't going to foster him, just looking after him this weekend until he gets picked up on Sunday - we hated the thought of him staying there any longer. He is just too cute, and actually gets along with May - surprise!! Will post a pic when i have one :-)

365 Days of Love - Day 26

Day 26 - Thursday 9 September 2010

Finally getting some stuff sorted out with the doctors - very much the highlight of my day as i want to get better!!!
Thinking of maybe doing a Teachers Aide course, as i love the work but won't get a permanent position without a certificate...not sure though - help!!?

P.S the 2 western photos we got done on the weekend at Emma's Hens night :-)

Group shot


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 25

Day 25 - Wednesday 8 September 2010

Applying for a job that i am actually interested in! Its very rare when you come across something and KNOW you will be good at it. Lets hope for an interview!

365 Days of Love - Day 24

Day 24 - Tuesday 7 September 2010

Croissants for breakfast! They bring back such good memories from when i was little :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 23

Day 23 - Monday 6 September 2010

I was able to spend some good quality time with Ben today. He has such a busy life right now, it was wonderful just to chill out and chat :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 22

Day 22 - Sunday 5 September 2010

HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Hope you all got your dad something awesome.
Had a great fathers day lunch at Ben's grandma's and granddad's. Got too see all the relatives we haven't seen in a fair few months..

Still recovering from last night - feet are too sore for words. I have about 6 blisters and a limp because i can't walk properly. But it was so worth it!
I have never ever had just a girls night out before, so it was an awesome first. I hope Emma loved her night!!

365 Days of Love - Day 21

Day 21 - Saturday 4 September 2010

What wasn't good about this day!!? Went to the coast and stayed at the Q1 and enjoyed some Hen's night shenanigans!! Tried Japanese food for the first time AND was able to use chop sticks - they also cooked the food in front of you! Got a few compliments on my tattoo :) got into a club for free, and also got a free drink voucher - it rocked!! We also got the western style photos - going to scan them later and put them up soon :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

365 Days of love - Day 20

Day 20 - Friday 3 September 2010

I got a dress for tomorrow night - Emma's hens night - woohooo! Originally $69 but i only ended up paying $9. It was reduced to $29, but i had a gift card for $20 so yay :)
Also got this super cute picture of may today, love it!

365 Days of Love - Day 19

Day 19 - Thursday 2 September 2010

I was asked to be a bridesmaid today for my wonderful friend Emma!! :-) One of her other ones pulled out, not sure why :s Ben commented on how rude that was. I think i would of massively freaked OUT! if one of mine had - although i only had 2 and one was my sister, and if it was her i would of kicked her butt! hahahah! But i know how stressful weddings can be, so i'm hoping i can do anything to help. I've been helping with bits here and there, giving suggestions when she has needed them - well i hope I've help! lol! Most likely going to her hens night this Saturday. I've never been to one - I didn't even have one! So i'm a bit excited about that ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

365 Days of Love - Day 18

Day 18 - Wednesday 1 September 2010

Got a picture of my fav moment of the day - Ollie lying on me sleeping and accepting the love hehehehe. It was super cute and he occasionally woke up and gave me a lick - trying to avoid the ones on the lips hahaha!