Monday, March 28, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 225

Day 225 - Sunday 27 March 2011

Today is Mine and Bens 1 year, 6 month wedding anniversary!! But i didn't realise until today, the next day!
Love you Ben Ben!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 224

Day 224 - Saturday 26 March 2011

Went To Trisha's house with Betty to watch True Blood Season 3 (again!!) Betty hasn't seen it yet though. We got about 5 episodes in and plan to watch the rest later on :)

365 Days of Love - Day 223

Day 223 - Friday 25 March 2011

A day of nothing...after work that is. It felt really good to just get in my pjs and rest all afternoon. Also had a yummy ceasar salad for dinner :)

365 Days of Love - Day 222

Day 222 - Thursday 24 March 2011

I have finally able to eat again. Feels so good to eat a decent meal! Its also my dad birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 221

Day 221 - Wednesday 23 March 2011

Found out i no longer need to report to centrelink or go in there for stupid appointments - yay for independence! 

365 Days of Love - Day 220

Day 220 - Tuesday 22 March 2011

Not a good day in all today. Found out that someone i know died - murder. How horrible! I don't think its fair for me to write something nice after hearing this news. Rest in peace beautiful lady xox

365 Days of Love - Day 219

Day 219 - Monday 21 March 2011

Ben and I went to the fertility specialist today. Over one year of trying and nothing! So lets hope its all easy and goes well :)

365 Days of Love - Day 218

Day 218 - Sunday 20 March 2011

This lovely video someone from Best Friends Rescue made - so beautiful! There is also a picture of me and our foster dog Molly!! :-)

365 Days of Love - Day 217

Day 217 - Saturday 19 March 2011

Had a lunch at Kirsti's store today - very nice indeed! :-)

365 Days of Love - Day 216

Day 216 - Friday 18 March 2011

Got a new rug and couch last night :-)

May on the new rug :)

365 Days of Love - Day 215

Day 215 - Thursday 17 March 2011

I am so in love with my new car! Got a cd player for it today with a USB connection...Now i just need someone to install it!

365 Days of Love - Day 214

Day 214 - Wednesday 16 March 2011

Got my new car today!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 213

Day 213 - Tuesday 15 March 2011

More damn you auto correct at work...Probably not the best idea because i need to answer phone, but by golly its great!

365 Days of Love - Day 212

Day 212 - Monday 14 March 2011

Watched a LOT of True Blood and read a lot of "Damn you auto corrects" hehehehe!!

365 Days of Love - Day 211

Day 211 - Sunday 13 March 2011

Went and saw a car today for me and we are going to get it! Its a white Kia Rio 2003 :) My brother and his gf also came over. It was great to see him again!

365 Days of Love - Day 210

Day 210 - Saturday 12 March 2011

Had a lovely day With Betty and Siobhan and Nyree!! I picked up both betty and Chev, and we went to Nyree's for a massage and birthday surprise!

365 Days of Love - Day 209

Day 209 - Friday 11 March 2011

Today was very annoying!!! I had a neurologist appointment at 11.45, and i started work at 1. Thinking i would have plenty of time, but NO! Didn't get into the doctors office until 5 past 1pm, and my appointment went for a total of 2min, and $120 later.....
BUT! Amar was very lovely and went out of his way to get me lunch, so thanks Amar :)

365 Days of Love - Day 208

Day 208 - Thursday 10 March 2011

Today was a busy day indeed!! Went to the gastro doctor - more drugs! But i also got my eyebrows waxed and they look soooo good! Its been many months since they were done so it was very nice and relaxing :)

365 Days of Love - Day 207

Day 207 - Wednesday 9 March 2011

Ok, so even though i caught up on it all...I forgot about it again! So over being sick..Plus Ben steals the computer lots LOL!
Watched some more Smallville - very cool! and a picture of the dogs being cute and silly always makes my day xoxo

May trying to eat my foods!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

365 Days of Love - Day 206

Day 206 - Tuesday 8 March 2011

So today is the day that i caught up on all my blogs from Feb 11 - wow!
Also am currently working :)
Downloaded a few episodes of the big band theory season 4 and LOVE IT! Amar also lent me Smallville season 9. I'm excited!

365 Days of Love - Day 205

Day 205 - Sunday 6 March 2011

So i made a mistake and forgot sunday!! oops!

Today i woke up like NOTHING was wrong with me. Maybe it was all that gross puss that was causing me all this grief?

365 Days of Love - Day 204

Day 204 - Monday 7 March 2011

Had a great chat with mum today and i woke up feeling fantastic!! WOOOHOOOO for getting better!
Also, we are going to renovate the kitchen. I am so excited!

365 Days of Love - Day 203

Day 203 - Saturday 5 March 2011

So i get to go home today! Puss is all cleared up so yay! Still a little bit sick but i can kind of eat.

365 Days of Love - Day 202

Day 202 - Friday 4 March 2011

Soooooo. My plans today included getting a massage and working from 2-5pm. But of course i did not do these things! Woke up with puss coming out of my belly button so i went to the doctors. He said i had an abdominal abcess that needed draining and i had to go to the hospital straight away. Of course i couldn't work again! I fetl so bad too :(
So i spent the night at St Andrews private and it was ok. The food was actually nice and i got Wifi!
The picture below is random, but makes me laugh everytime - may barking in excitment, looking out the window as i come home :)

365 Days of Love - Day 201

Day 201 - Thursday 3 March 2011

Make a very special appointment today - yay!! Also found a yellow car that i really like! Looking into getting a loan. I'm so excited!!

365 Days of Love - Day 200

Day 200 - Wednesday 2 March 2011

So you would think that because this is day 200 i would do something totally awesome right? WRONG! i'm still sick! More tv to be had - Eli Stone, Lie to Me and Weeds :) Plus May decided to rest on my arm and be all cute <3

365 Days of Love - Day 199

Day 199 - Tuesday 1 March 2011

So i'm sick. Damn. Spent the day glued to the Tv and watched Weeds, The princess Diaries 1, Mary Poppins (!!!) and Eli Stone :)

365 Days of Love - Day 198

Day 198 - Monday 28 February 2011

Woke up even sicker and with a temperature. So i had to have the day off. Went to doctors and he said i couldn't go back to work until THURSDAY!!!! gah!
But i did take a cute picture of Astro - Super 'Stro!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 197

Day 197 - Sunday 27 February 2011

So i'm getting more and more sick :( So i spent the day on the couch watching Jack play Donkey Kong :)

365 Days of Love - Day 196

Day 196 - Saturday 26 February 2011

My cousin Jack came over tonight and we had such a great time :)

365 Days of Love - Day 195

Day 195 - Friday 25 February 2011

Starting to get sick again - oh noooo!!!!!
But i had a very awesome dream which involved me winning a massive amount of money and buying a B & B for my parents :)
Ben also cleaned the WHOLE house today - i love him so much!

365 Days of Love - Day 194

Day 194 - Thursday 24 February 2011

Started going on the bike for more knee strength and got to 6min today. Also, my lovely pregnant friend Betty claimed she has found her uterus!!! Yay for babies!

365 Days of Love - Day 193

Day 193 - Wednesday 23 February 2011

Received my HAMBURGER phone today!!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 192

Day 192 - Tuesday 22 February 2011

Work again and everything seems to be ok. The boss has gone away for a few days so i'm by myself a lot which is great! :)

365 Days of Love - Day 191

Day 191 -  Monday 21 February 2011

First day back at work in 2.5 weeks and it was soooo good to be out of the house. Very tired though!

365 Days of Love - Day 190

Day 190 - Sunday 20 February 2011

Last day of my 'holidays' and we had planned on going to a dog festival "woofstock" but alas i am still sick!!
SO Ben and I spent the day together :)

365 Days of Love - Day 189

Day 189 - Saturday 19 February 2011

The puppies have been keeping me lots of company these past few days and today they were just so beautiful <3

365 Days of Love - Day 188

Day 188 - Friday 18 February 2011

A little bit better, but still not the best. So stayed in bed watching some more Tv shows - a mix of Eli Stone (<3) and How I Met Your Mother :)

365 Days of Love - Day 187

Day 187 - Thursday 17 February 2011

So not a very good day at all today :s BUT! i did watch lots of How i Met you Mother, so yay!

365 Days of Love - Day 186

Day 186 - Wednesday 16 February 2011

Absolutely LOVED watching the puppies going crazy this morning before Ben took them for a walk. They are just so lovely <3

365 Days of Love - Day 185

Day 185 - Tuesday 15 February 2011

Something simple - i had a really good nap today! Also, how cute is Molly!!!

365 Days of Love - Day 184

Day 184 - Monday 14 February 2011

Valentines Day! Ben got me breakfast in bed and a very lovely ring..I also have another present coming but it hasn't arrived via post yet!!

365 Days of Love - Day 183

Day 183 - Sunday 13 February 2011

Went shopping for Bens Valentines present today :)
Although i got a bit excited and gave him most of it today - a massive treasure hunt with chocolates!

365 Days of Love - Day 182

Day 182 - Saturday 12 February 2011

So its been a very long time since i have been on here, due to the fact that i have been VERY sick! So i'm going to try and remember as much as i can.

On this night Ben and I went out to Mt Cootha and had a coffee and dinner at Hogs B! Its was so lovely :)